Monday 13 February 2012

Credible Upholstery - Company Profile

Credible Upholstery Limited is a unique fabricator of soft seating goods distributed in the hospitality market, specializing in five star diamond properties with the diversity to fully furnish the largest of resorts, restaurants and healthcare facilities as well as custom tailoring a single piece of exquisite furniture.

We pride ourselves in altering and combining design elements with old world methods in using the finest of materials to meet the highest manufacturing standards. Our strength lies in taking a
sketch concept and transforming it into a timeless show piece, making the design process virtually effortless.

unication as well as Customer satisfaction is what we strive to accomplish no matter how large or intricate the project may be.

Credible upholstery Limited has become the preferred vendor to the world's most renowned designers, purchasing firms, and properties founded upon our commitment to quality, on time delivery
and value.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Top 10 Famous Musicians in The World

Top 10 Famous Musicians in The World

Justin Timberlake The New King of Pop

Jay-Z The Franchise

Madonna The Living Legend

Diddy The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Hilary Duff The Mini Mogul

Timbaland The Music Maestro

Beyonce The Bootylicious Businesswoman

Kanye West The Loudmouth

Bono The Global Ambassador

Miley Cyrus The Teen Queen